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Yoga For Stress Relief:
Relax The Body And Mind 

Yoga For stress relief is one of the best methods for learning to relax both the mind and the body together.

The word Yoga means “union”, this is relation to the fact that it is designed to balance and integrate the body, mind and spirit.

It is an excellent form of exercise designed to keep the body supple, strong and to improve the overall body condition.

The Yoga Principle:

yoga for stress relief
  • If the mind is agitated and restless it will compromise the health of the body
  • If the body is in poor health, the clarity of your thoughts and mental health will be adversely affected.

Who is Yoga for?

Anyone can practice yoga for stress relief but it is particularly good for stressed people who find it hard to slow down. The very nature of the exercises forces the person to take movements slower and calms a racing mind.

Of course before you try and sort of new exercise routine, you should check with your doctor that you will have no adverse affects. In Particular with Yoga there are some important checks you should note:

  • Make sure you have no back problems or have high blood pressure
  • Wait three hours after a big meal and one hour after food before you begin the exercises
  • You should visit the toilet before you begin
  • Wear comfortable loose clothes.

Practicing yoga for stress relief often will not only lessen the affects of stress on your life but you can also prevent stress from occurring in the first place.

To get real benefits from yoga, attending a regular weekly session is the best option as this will help you to have a fuller understanding of the postures and breathing techniques required to get the most benefit. You will also be less likely to hurt yourself in any way.

The second option is to follow instructional DVDs or books which can take you through step by step instructions. Again they will give you a fuller explanation and understanding of the principles of yoga.

The First Steps of Yoga For Stress Relief

As a start I will give a few examples of some simple postures and breathing exercises to reduce stress. These will allow you to get a feel for yoga so that you can go on and learn more if you feel you would benefit from it. You may like to have some yoga mats and accessories to help you really get the most from the exercises.

Yoga and stress relieving stretches

Exercise one

  • Sit in a cross legged position on the floor (lotus potion if you are supple enough), your back and neck should be straight but relaxed. 
  • With arms loose by your side, gently roll your shoulders and arms to loosen them up.
  • With your arms by your side place the palms of your hand so they are facing up
  • Slowly raise your arms whilst gently inhaling.
  • Bring your arms up above your head until your palms are together touching and pointing upwards.
  • Keep stretching up, retaining your breath.
  • Slowly lower your arms to the floor whilst exhaling.

Repeat three times.

Exercise two

  • In the same sitting position
  • Stretch arms forward in front of you at shoulder height with palms together and thumbs crossed.
  • Lower your head so your chin is pressed against your chest.
  • Hold your back straight and keep stretching forward whilst breathing normally.
  • Then whilst inhaling, bring your arms backwards behind you and raise your head so you are looking upwards.
  • Hold your breath for five seconds whilst in this positive and then slowly return to the normal sitting position whilst exhaling

Repeat two times.

This video is a simple 10 minute beginners yoga workout to give you more of an idea of how yoga works and how by practicing yoga for stress relief on a regular basis could help to reduce your levels of stress as well as helping to keep you supple and tones physically and so promoting better long term health.  You will find another free yoga video here.


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