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Yoga And Stress Relief At Work:
Yoga Video

Yoga and stress relief can go hand in hand.  Yoga has been used for many centuries for relaxation and at its most simple it requires little to no equipment which makes it available to anyone.

Stress at work is unavoidable but it is important to remember to manage your stress. With a manageable stress level not only are you more productive at work but you may also avoid illnesses.

This yoga and stress relief video is designed to teach you some simple and quick techniques for use at your desk at work.

This video will take you through some yoga moves that you can do while sitting or standing at your desk. Use for your coffee break to keep your stress level under control and do something that is good for you. Instead of having another cup of coffee of going outside for a cigarette you could take 5 minutes to practice these stretches. I wouldn't be surprised if you feel better after the yoga than you would have after that cup of coffee.

Personally I have done this and I love it.  The video also has a little humor that I find makes me smile every time.  I think that in itself eases some tension.

The video is only eight minutes long, so why not sit back and watch it through now, or even better, give it a go. You may even decide that your work colleagues would benefit from a little stress relieving office yoga too. Maybe set up a little lunch time session in your staff room? Many workplaces try to incorporate wellness into their benefit plans. A light stress reducing yoga session may be far less sweaty of an activity to do on your lunch break.

Try yoga and stress may disappear

Some of you may prefer to practice yoga at home rather than in a class. Classes made me a little self conscious partly because of the bodily noises etc which may occur as you turn and twist your body. Without this worry it is much easier to relax and enjoy the session. Starting out at home may help build some confidence. Some people will continue to practice at home while others will join a class to stay motivated. To be honest, even in a yoga class on the rare occasion it has happened to someone it basically went unnoticed. So, that is a nice to know little tidbit in case it ever happens to you.

If you prefer to join a class there are always some in every town, take a look in your local library notice board for instance. You can also learn more about Yoga for stress relief from books and videos at home, again your library should be able to help there. Some local library have yoga DVDs that you can rent for free. It may be an idea to try a few out before you buy some.

Below I have discovered a few kits that are great for beginners of yoga. It seems to contain everything to get you started. it is also a great gift idea, perhaps you know someone who would benefit from some stress relief and a little exercise too.

  • If you decide to try a class you should be able to find a yoga studio or a gym nearby. 
  • Try out some DVDs or books and practice at home. 
  • Try some online videos. 

Try one or all 3.  Try yoga and stress will slowly vanish. I have learned that you have to give yoga a chance.  The work out piece can relieve stress and for many the emotional piece will fall into place later.  So let's go!  Your body and mind will thank you.

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