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Yoga Accessories or Props:
Enjoy Yoga As Part Of Your Stress Relief Workout 

Add yoga to your routine to manage stress and use yoga accessories to help you to get more out of your yoga practice as well as making sure that you do not hurt yourself in any way. Learn yoga and your body and mind will thank you! 

I had always resisted using certain yoga props such as blocks and straps as I felt it meant I was not pushing myself hard enough. I have a fabulous yoga studio I have been going to and have learned that there is nothing wrong with using yoga blocks and straps. During certain poses it was actually recommended that if you can't touch your toes to use the strap and it really did make a difference in the stretches and how I felt afterwards.

I am loving my yoga practice! I am still learning and have found that everyone is considered a beginner for quite some time so I don't feel bad using these props at all. A consistent practice definitely helps me to decrease my anxiety and stress levels. During this journey I have experimented with a variety of yoga accessories. I started my practice at home with a few items and have acquired more as I continue my journey. At home some of the yoga props I have and use are.. several yoga mats (yes several), blocks, a yoga strap, a yoga ball, and several DVD's.  You can also join a site such as yoga download and have yoga available to you everywhere you go.

Some of these great products are also available directly from Manduka and Gaiam


How often have you witness someone so stressed out that they look ready to just drop. They tell you how they are so busy that they don’t have time in their lives to look after themselves. They turn to others for advice as to how to be less stressed. Guess what.. taking care of yourself needs to be at the top of your list in how to decrease your stress.

Taking time out for yourself can be your first step to overcoming and managing stress in your life.  So finding an easy way to take some time out during your busy day even for a few minutes can be very beneficial. This is why I often recommend that learning yoga; even basic yoga can be incorporated into anyone’s life. I have to keep that in mind myself all the time. If there really is no time to get to the gym or yoga studio... use your home yoga equipment and do a few stretches, or my favorite savasana!

Yoga accessories to practice without injury

If you have decided that you would like to try yoga as a way to manage your stress then it is essential that you use the correct equipment and methods to avoid injury. I have chosen the following items as your starting point for discovering yoga and relaxation. I use many of these items myself and found them to be very useful and easy to use. The next thing I will be adding to my own stash of yoga accessories is a foam roller! It is on my christmas list actually..

So Why Yoga?

7.5% of U.S. adults, or 16.5 million people, practice yoga. Many people who practice yoga say that it helps them to not only feel relaxed both physically but mentally too. I have found this in my personal practice as well. It promotes calm and has the added benefit of helping you to tone and strengthen your body without a sweaty strenuous workout.

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