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work, work, and more BORING work!!!

by Matt C
(London UK)

My job is Sooooooooo pointless & boring but with the added pressure of needing to get results aswell! I always feel that whatever Im doing its never good enough, and that one day its going to catch up with me.....

Two things help me de-stress at the moment.

One is that I always try to make sure that I get out of the office once a day and find a nice coffee shop to sit and relax in. Even if its just to sit and watch the world go by for half an hour, at least it reminds me that theres life out there!

The other is my cats! I find animals are great at reminding you about whats important and keeping you grounded. Theres nothing quite as relaxing as the sound of a cat purring!

Neither really help with my crap job or what Im going to do when I lose it, but they both act as great 'pressure release valves' and help keep me sane in the mean time!!

Matt C

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