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Work Rant

by TracyS

I thought I was the only one with such a weird problem!!

I was given a lateral transfer to a position at a small site with three other staff. I thought the job would be challenging, busy and where I wanted to be. I soon found that the supervisor and my co-worker had developed a comfortable working relationship based on fear and insecurity. As they were trying to fit me into an admin type of capacity with limited responsibilities, I complained to our superiors. Since then, I have not been given any information about what is going on, any assignments or projects and have been engaged in a competition to answer phones, greet clients or perform any paperwork so as not to appear to be used in an admin capacity. I have been moved from the front of the office to a craft room at the back of the suite, where I sit and do absolutely NOTHING all day every day despite my requests for more work. I AM allowed to make coffee in the common lounge area and wipe the tables off.
I leave that place everyday exhausted and cranky. It rubs off on my family, and I am totally lethargic for at least four hours after I come home every evening.
Not too mention the fact that my two office mates hate their jobs and spend the day complaining to each other, huffing and puffing and sighing over every single perceived "problem". The maintenance man, who is a young, intelligent but underemployed individual, contributes to the energy depleting atmosphere by amusing himself with baiting my office mates into one of their meltdowns by walking through the office and casually mentioning something he knows will upset them. Then he will walk away smiling at me because he knows he has started something and that I will have to listen to the histrionics for at least half an hour.
The place is toxic.
Thanks for the vent.

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Jan 21, 2015
what if...
by: Anonymous

what if every customer in retail behaved the way they should? Wait in line patiently, understand there are others in front of you who were there before you and that being understaffed is not the fault of the workers who are there to help you, but rather that of the manager of the department. It serves no purpose to yell, stomp your feet, curse, threaten and belittle the employees who are there to help you. Yes, help you. I know you are busy and have your kids in the car. We all do. We are all busy but I don't ever speak to someone the way you do with such anger and lack of empathy. I hope someday, someday, that your judgement time rolls around. That a movie of all your tantrums, threats and outbursts is replayed before your eyes and your judgment is handed down to you. You can't explain or cry or beg your way out of that. There will be no corporate office to kiss your sorry behind or apologize for your rotten behavior. Do the world a favor, if you can't handle the stress, then don't have children, don't live beyond your means and for the love all that is good and right in the world, shop somewhere else.

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