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Women and Stress

How Stress Affects the Modern Woman 

Women and stress, many would say that they go together like ham and eggs. After all being a woman has always thrown up its own unique problems and issues, the monthly hormonal fluctuations for instance is never a bunch of laughs.

It cannot be denied that the lives of women have improved dramatically from previous generations of women.

Looking after the house, cooking etc has all become far easier with the inventions household gadgets and labour saving devices.

However our levels of stress may have increased due to new modern day demands.

Such As:

  • The pressure to look good all the time
  • New financial pressures for women to contribute to household finances.
  • To be fit and thin
  • To be in control but passive
  • To juggle home, work and family

In this section we will look at women and stress and how best to cope with these unique female pressures.

Women and Stress – The Challenges

Life Pressures For Women

Looking at the expectations modern life has conjured up for today’s women and how many of them are simply impossible to live up to. causing stressed women everywhere.

These expectations lead to stress and anxiety for women and needs to be challenged to prevent long term mental and physical problems.

Female Hormones and Stress

Find out how Estrogen is affected by stress and how the consequences can lead to heart attacks.

Also what is the connection between stress and PMS?

Fertility, Pregnancy and Stress

Fertility is not unsurprisingly affected by stress; find out how to reduce the affects.

Pregnancy can also be stressful and can have ill effects on both mother and child. Discover stress relief to combat pregnancy stress.

Being A Single Mother

Bringing up children on your own has become more common in modern society. And for those who are single parents it will come as no surprise to learn that it can be pretty stressful.

However you don’t need stress to affect the lives of your children or cause an unhappy home. Stress relief for the single parent is essential for a happy, healthy home.

The Stressful Menopause and Beyond

picture by Pizzodisevo

As a woman getting older brings many new and upsetting challenges. Not least the menopause can cause both emotional and physical changes to cope with.

Find ways to manage these changes and live life to the full, practice stress management for older women.

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