What is stress and how is it connected to sensory overload?

by Sue

I sort of understand the concept of stress but I would like to know what exactly it is and how does sensory overload affect it.

Answer from Tracy

Basically its to do with the automatic nervous system which keeps us all going automatically, breathing, heart rate etc.

This system can become overloaded when excessive stress is experienced causing our brains to pump out too much of the stress response chemicals such as cortisol etc.

Please my page here about it for a fuller explanation.


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fed up
by: annmariapeter

I always experience stress whenever I am doing my job. I am working in a marketing company. Whenever I fail to meet the target I feel stressed and my heart will pound like it is going to stop. Head is like it is going to burst. I want to recover from this.

I hate feeling this way
by: Anonymous

I hate feeling this way, It makes me scared and nervous. I live my life life this all the time I'm so afraid for myself, I feel sorry for other people a
s well .

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