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by Nicole
(Orlando, Fl)

I can't stand going to work anymore. Especially as a busser, someone who has to clean tables, take out the heavy trash, deal with rude, sloppy, and down-right retarded guests that keeps complaining about sticky tables that I've already cleaned up. Our new management isn't making the stress go away any quicker. My new assistant manager loves telling how to do my job dispite the fact that I've been in this company longer than he has. I sent three transfer forms to change my job position, but because "I'm so good at what I do" and people keeping droping out of their jobs, they have no choice but to keep me there (at least hopefully until someone better than me shows up to take my place--highly unlikely) I'm a full time student at college. I have a learning disability. I can't take four classes while working part time. I had to keep dropping classes because work keeps giving me hours in the worst possible times. To make matters worse, I owe over $1000 in dropped classes because Vocational Rehabilitation (the people who pay for students with disabilities) says I do and I don't have anything close to that! I didn't know I'd have to pay them back for dropped classes, but apparently I do.

Oh, and my house got burnt down because OUC cut off my lights and when they turned them back on, the house went ablazed while I was taking a final. So not only I'm homeless, I have no computer in my temporary residence so I can't do my computer work at home. My stupid job keeps giving me more stupid hours while I'm trying to pass my classes! I can't take this anymore, I want it all to stop! Why did I even sign up to be a busser anyway? I wanted to be a temporary waitress or something but no, they decided to give me this degrading low level job. A minimum wage job with no raises for over a year in this recession. When is change going to happen?

Comment by Tracy Site Owner

Nicole it sounds to me like you should start to look elsewhere for part time work. A job like this should not get in the way of your studies, they are far more important in the long run.

You don't have to be loyal to this company you should put yourself first. So start to look at the wanted ads now before the stress you are feeling takes hold and starts to make you ill.

best wishes tracy

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