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Tramautic Brain Injury and Stress

by Chris

Hello,just want to say this website is outstanding.My problem is that I have had 4 brain injuries the one I had in 1969 I was 7 yrs old and the last was bout 20 years ago and that was a violent attack,I was stabbed in back of my head.Doctor said I would have to adapt cause in the 60s/70s we didnt have theraphy then.Anyways I became an alcoholic for 26 yrs and became sober now I drink now or then and I know Im a alcoholic but at times stress pushes me to relieve my stress.However I have been to a mental health here in nevada and diagnose with panic/anxiety disorder.I have been given depression meds but they all made me drozzy and not right some made the panic attacks worst,then one day I was in lock down cause I wanted to sleep for a couple days but I took a lethal dose since I didnt read the MG.Anyways now I feel better,as long as I am home,socially Im ok no problems but I recently made all my family so mad so they dont want me in there life I committed social suicide.Been married 23 yrs and its good but she gets frustrated since I cant hold a job longer than 3 months.I cook son in a smaller establishment I work in these smaller places there more drama and I tend to quit,but in hotels I last longer even though its more stress full.I love cooking,but at work I get stress,angery,then I create a reason why I should quit.Then I regret it and wish I didnt commit career suicide.I do help myself with books,progressive muscle relation tapes,ect.Im doing good but if I have multiable stress events,I want to run or Fight or Flight syndrome.But with all my issues,PTSD,TBD,BPD,OCD,Social/panic attacks.It all comes down to stress.I sometimes get so stress my mind goes blind and I forget where I am.All I want to do is the find a way to excirise my mind and push my limits to make my mind stronger.I am 47 yrs old and the first accident was 40 yrs ago and I went from borderline retarded in special classes for special needs to now,the ability to do stuff a normal person can but I need help.I am also legally blind and deaf on right side from accident so self estem sucks to.I want to get stronger and be a positive roll model,can you help.

*Mild Depression
*Anger Management
*Social Skills

Answer from Kate
My dear friend I am very sorry to hear about all your problems etc and I wish I could help but my role is purely as a stress advisor and most of my information is here on the site.

As you know you can avoid stress but you can learn how you respond to it so that it doesn't cause further illness and problems for you.

Most stress management is about stopping for a moment when you feel stress building and ask your self some questions about the situation and what you can do about it. This method is great because 9 times out of 10 it shows you that the situation isn't really as bad as you first thought and gives you time to calm down.

See this page for more on this method

Also finding ways that you can relax every day so that your body and mind becomes stronger and better able to cope with stress when it comes along is another important factor. As you can see from my pages there are many many different ways you can learn to relax. Its all about finding the one that suits you and your lifestyle and which provides you with the most benefits. try a few out and see what works for you.

I can say that you are already on the road to helping yourself as you realize what you do in life when stress happens to you. Now all you need to do is to teach yourself to realize that you are doing these things at the time and stop yourself seeing them through. that way you may be able to avoid quitting jobs all the time etc. this will also help to build your self esteem if you can hold down work.

i wish you every success. My final piece of advice is to say, you must practice stress relief techniques every day, this way they will become second nature to you and you will become a stronger person better able to cope with what life throws at you.

best wishes Kate

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