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There has to be more to life than this?

by Blanche
(London, UK)

This is what I have been telling myself lately. I am so amazed at how many others feel the same as me here. Each time I mention it to a work buddy or friend many roll their eyes and as a flick-off-the-shoulder comment I get "well it could be worse, at least we have a job". I'm very aware of that but it still doesn't mean that all things are perfect and take away that feeling I dread of feeling bloody bored out of my skull on a daily basis for a large part of my ticking timebomb life. Now I understand why some people just.....go missing at times when they feel so stuck in a rut along with other factors. The other day I read in a magazine how many are doing what is called a 'f*** it list' which is like a bucket list but for people who are not dying and want to live life to the full, but after reading some great inspirational things my only thought was... you need cash and long hours to do these things which means facing up to many hours or dull-as-dishwater-work. What vicious circle right? But (and you can sing along with me) "well it could be worse, at least we have a job" yeah, yeah....

Hey Blanche what can I say. I know exactly what you are going through. When I finally left my job after 15 years of going quietly insane, all I got from my colleagues was "are you sure", "how will you survive", y"you should be grateful you have a job".

Perhaps I should have been grateful but it was making me ill. The next step would have been anti depressants for me.

Anyway I took the plunge and decided to build my own life and create my own businesses online. 7 years later, I have four websites, a income (not a huge one but it's fine) and oh my goodness I'm so much happier and healthier.

So all I can say is don't give up, keep looking for your next step.

Good Luck

Kate - The Stress Relief Workshop Team

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