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There are alot of bored people to keep me company

by Susan
(Cleveland OH)

I work in a cubicle farm in a large organization and have been here for 10 years. When I was hired I worked in a dynamic exciting department but was transferred to my current position after a year. I've been promoted twice which is nice but I spend most days listening to music as I work just to stay awake. I have a degree and have considered other employment but it would take additional training and time and energy I don't have. I can't stand the people I work with and the job I do is very repetiitve and involves staring at a computer all day. The program we use to do our work takes forever to load pages (its a company wide problem not limited to my PC) so I lose my patience and train of thought waiting for the screen to display with every keystroke I do. The money and benefits are good enough but I hate to waste my life 5 days a week at a job that is sucking my life away. I know work isn't usually fun but this is depressing. I get up away from my desk as much as I can and go for a walk every day but it's hard to find meaning in this place. I am grateful to be getting a paycheck at all but this is awful. I need to look for other work.

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