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Teacher Stress - Does It effect students?

by Kate

picture by  Kendra Infinity on flickr

picture by Kendra Infinity on flickr

Today I read a report about how stressed teachers could be effecting their students by reacting differently with an towards them and also whether or not it effected their teaching abilities. The question seemed to be, are students getting a bad teaching experience as well as an emotional one.

It is certainly true that teachers are under an enormous amount of pressure. they work long hours and have to do a great deal of form filling and organization on top of their usual day to day teaching duties.

Time pressures plus work load is a definite recipe for stress and anxiety and this in turn can easily lead to sickness. The result, you get teachers who may:
- Snap at children
- Not be able to give enough attention to their classroom and individual students
- Have more sick days
- pass on their anxieties to children

None of this is the teachers fault, pressures at work are inevitable. But the way teachers manage their stress is at least something they can take control of.

Or course teachers need support from their bosses to enable them timeout to relax. this could be a nicer staff room, somewhere to grab forty winks in their breaks or just the ability to off load their concerns to their managers without the fear of retribution.

Teachers themselves need to take responsibility for managing their own stress too. Perhaps drinking less tea or coffee during the day would be a good starting point. Making sure they get enough sleep every night and learning some basic relaxation techniques
which they can easily carry out during their day would help in their over all levels of stress.

My mother in law was a teacher and I saw the amount of work she took home in the evenings and just how tired she was. I understood why she did it. She loved her job and didn't want to let the kids down .But at the end of the day what good is a teacher who is off sick.

Learn to speak out when things get on top of you or too much, you, your boss and your students will benefit.

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