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Tai Chi DVD :
Easy Fun Lessons For The Beginner 

This Tai Chi DVD is designed for beginners, seniors, working folks, busy people and parents, in fact for anyone who is dealing with stress.

As a stress advisor I often recommend my older clients try it a way of both relaxing as well helping with their flexibility and general health. It also promotes a great feeling of well being, having a set routine as part of your day where you are taking time out for yourself will in itself help to reduce the negative effects of stress in your life.

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art involving a series of slow, graceful movements it is a gentle, slow exercise that promote balance, flexibility, and mental calm.

The benefits of the Tai Chi are:

  • Stress reduction
  • Better focus
  • Better concentration
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved strength
  • Better balance
  • Improved circulation
  • Increased coordination

This video will show you just how easy Tai chi is and how low impact it is. This means that people of all ages are able to do the exercises and benefit from them.


Easy Tai Chi DVD's

There are dvd's which will suit everyone’s needs, so if you are just curious and want to know the basics or you're really keen to get started on reducing your stress by using Tai chi just use the links below to find out more.

I'm Curious - "I'm just beginning and want a simple introduction...

(Perfect for 60% of our visitors)

I'm Serious - These packages are for people who want to jump right in -

to immerse themselves into Tai Chi learning!

The "Ultimate Success" Package - Web Based Distance Learning offering weekly classes - at home!

Keeping the body strong and flexible will enable you to cope better with day to day stress. It will also help you to sleep better and this in turn will help with stress relief.

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