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Sunrise Alarm Clock:
 Wake Up Naturally and Feel Relaxed

The BioBrite Sunrise Alarm Clocks are designed to wake you up the way you would naturally. It works with your brain by simulating day light and dawn breaking. Which stimulates your brain to release chemicals which wake you up naturally, allowing you to wake refreshed and relaxed.

Personally I hate being woken by an alarm clock that buzzes, rings incessantly or in some cases even screams at me to get up. This just puts me into a bad mood from the start, what a way to begin the day.

You will also notice that you spend the first ten minutes or so wandering around in a daze, this is because your brain is not awake yet. The chemicals needed to make you feel bright and alert have not fully kicked in yet, leaving you feeling muggy and tired.

How does a sunrise alarm clock work?

The Sunrise Alarm Clocks do things differently. It can be programmed to start waking you up from 15 to 90 minutes before you need to get up. It begins by shining a dull light and as time progresses it slowly becomes brighter and brighter. Your brain will respond to this light and the chemicals which wake you up will start to be released. By the time you need to get up you will be fully awake, feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to start the day.

Back up buzzer

Don’t worry if you think you will still need a little buzzer to get you up as well; there is an option for that too.

Sleep better too

What I love about Sunrise Alarm Clocks is that it also helps me to sleep. This is because it can also slowly dim, simulating dusk. Again your brain responds to this and releases chemicals which help you sleep better.

I used to be terrible at getting up and in fact used to dread the mornings because I felt so terrible. However since using this alarm clock I can say that I wake up with a spring in my step and able to cope with the stresses of the day a lot better.

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