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Student Stress Relief Tips

Student stress is nothing new and for many generations of students in all walks of life stress has been part and parcel of their daily lives.

It’s easy to understand why students become stressed, suddenly life changes completely for them and they have to face new challenges, which they may not be prepared for. For instance:

  • Money – they suddenly have to manage their own money and earn what they need to get by. This includes student loans, which comes with the worry of how they are going to pay it back at the end of the course.

  • Responsibility - Everyday mundane tasks like laundry, buying and cooking food, cleaning etc is their sole responsibility. Many teenagers may be used to their parents doing most of this work and it can be quite a shock to the system at first.
  • Exams pressures – often the work load at university is far greater and more intense than it ever was at high school. Suddenly time pressures and the desire to do well can put a tremendous strain on the new student.

  • Leaving home – One of the main causes of student stress at first is leaving the safety of the family home and the care and protection of parents. Even though most teens would say that they are glad to get away from their parents, there is an emotional wrench which still occurs and can be rather traumatic, especially for less confident students.

These stress relief tips are designed to help the student combat stress and help them to enjoy their student life and get the most out of it. The tips are simple and straight forward and if practiced will help to promote a stress free life not only while at university but for the rest of your life.

Student Stress Relief Tips

student stress picture by Laonia
  • Debt – Money worries can be one of the largest problems experienced by students. The trick is to learn to manage your own money and to budget well. You may not be able to avoid having to take out a student loan but you can prevent further debt by not living on credit and learning how to spread your money.

    Part time work can help to top up your budget without affecting your studies too much. Also learning to buy wisely, use coupons and not succumbing to takeaway food too often.

  • Time management – This may sound rather boring to a student but there is nothing more stressful than realizing that you haven’t left enough time to complete an important assignment.

    It is essential that you make yourself a schedule and to keep to it. Include time for study etc. but also add in time for yourself and going out with friends. This way you will not only ensure that you complete your work in a relaxed time frame but that you will also have plenty of time to enjoy student life with your friends.

  • Organization and prioritization – this is similar to time management but involves being realistic and about just how much you can cram into your student life. It can be all too easy for new students to jump full on into student life and join too many clubs and societies all at once.

    You need to calm down and be sensible about your time and what the most important things to do are. This is one of the early challenges and is a great lesson in responsibility and knowing your own limitations.

    Doing too much will induce exhaustion and this leads to student stress.
  • Future worries – Many students find themselves worrying about the future and whether or not they will be able to find a job at the end of their studies. This is a natural response but one which is self defeating. There is no point worrying about what may or may not happen when you leave university, instead do something constructive that will give you the best chance of finding the right job for you.

    Concentrate on doing well in your studies and gaining the best qualification you can. Let tomorrow worry about itself as they say.

  • Relationships – New friends, new loves, first romances etc are all very exciting but can be a major source of student stress. Relax and realise that you don’t have to do it all now, take things slowly.

    All too often studies suffer because of relationship issues and can be very costly to your future job prospects. Always make your studies your priority and let your friends and romantic partners know this. You are only beginning your life and you will meet many new people and have many relationships throughout your life, but student life normally only comes around once.

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