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The Stresseraser Biofeedback System

The Stresseraser is a small, portable and accurate biofeedback stress reduction device. It works by helping you relax your body and calm your mind by guiding you to change your breathing and your focus.

It is best used:

  • before sleeping
  • To quickly relieve periods of intense stress
  • To stay calm during very stressful situations

Your heart rate reflects the activity of your nerves and so heart beats can change from moment to moment depending on the situations you are in. This device monitors the heart beat and displays it as a wave on the monitor.

By watching the wave you can instantly see how your heart is reacting to stress etc. and you can learn how to adjust your breathing and focus to decrease your nerve stimulation which in turn calms your heart rate and helps you to relax.

Features of the stresseraser

There are many features which help you to quickly learn the techniques in controlling your nervous response to achieve stress relief.

The features include:

  • You can set a time limit for each session.
  • You can use sound to guide you so that you can use the system with your eyes closed.
  • It has an illuminated screen so can be used in a darkened room.
  • There are many options to personalize how you work with the system.

The more often you work with the system the more benefits you will gain. For a quick and temporary relief from stress it is recommend that you use the system for about 5 to 7 minutes but for long term stress relief 30 minutes sessions daily is suggested.

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