Stressed Out By My Bank Statement

by Kathy

Bank Statement Stress - Picture by Philippe Put

Bank Statement Stress - Picture by Philippe Put

I really dread my bank statement coming through the door. Not because I'm in the red but because I have to sift through all the figures to make sure everything is correct and this stresses me because I can see just how much money I have spent.

My heart starts racing, my hands get all clammy and I start worrying about the future.

I have started to approach checking my statement differently. I do it as quickly as I can so that I don't dwell on each figure and then as soon as I am finished I go and do something completely different. I find that distraction is the best remedy for me and my bank statement stress.

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by: Ana Nichole

I too stressed by thin bank statement

Good to read
by: Tommy M. Hobbs

Thanks a lot again for a lot of things.

stress gone
by: joanna morgan

Stress and strain are like two halfs of a coin. The pain is bigger than the way to the death. Today I have no stresses or strains, because I practice the great Yoga every day. And I am now living a simple life.

Thank You for sharing your story with us.
by: Response from Kate (SRWS Team)

I really know what you mean, I also dread going through my bank statements and I often leave them because they are too stressful. Luckily my partner doesn't mind doing them. Yeah another stressor avoided ;)

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