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Stress Toys:
Break Up Your Day And Unwind 

Stress toys are really beneficial for both reliving stress at work or in the home.

There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t reach for one of my desk toys, whether it is to vent my frustrations or to exercise my mind or even just to have a break from the daily routine.

Stress balls are great for squeezing, throwing at walls or even stamping on which I find very good at getting rid of anger. Other times I need something to take my mind completely off the current situation and I find puzzles and mind games really good for this.

Stress toys are beneficial for not only the individual but also for work moral. After all a relaxed staff is a staff which will be able to perform well under pressure. So managers should encourage staff to have regular little breaks through out the day to spend a few minutes doing something completely different.

I have chosen just a few stress toys here but there are many many more.

I am a huge fan of the beach and water. Just feeling like I am at a beach helps to clear my mind. A tropical fruit drink can even do that for me. I don't drink so the alcohol isn't the relaxing factor. A smoothie with some kind of pineapple or coconut type flavor works well. I have even debated buying a pineapple or cocunut to make the smoothie in but that may be pushing it.

Ok so why I am bringing this up when we are talking about stress relieving desk toys? Becasue I just came across this little beach for your desk. I just found this but I really may have to look into this myself. Just looking at the add is relaxing to me.

Why not give someone a gift of some stress toys to help them get through their stressful days. Or if you are a manager what about a little gift as a thank you for all their hard work, you'll be the most popular boss in the office.

Stress toys make great little gifts for home and family as well.

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