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Personal Stress Tests
 Find Out How Stress is Affecting You 

Stress tests are a useful starting place for anyone who is trying to combat stress in their life. It allows you time to look at your own personal circumstances and how the stress in your life is affecting you.

Stress affects people in different ways and indeed how we all react and cope with stress varies from person to person too.

There is no one single remedy to finding stress relief, so finding the right formula for you and reducing the affects of stress in your life is important.

Take your time, discover what stresses you out and how you currently try to cope with it.

Think about how you could make some changes and learn some more useful stress relief techniques and increase the quality of your every day life.

Your Personal Stress Profile

I have devised a five part questionnaire for you to complete which will cover every aspect of stress. It will cover:

  • The causes of stress in your life
  • How it is affecting your physical and mental well being
  • How you are currently trying to cope with the stress in your life

Your personal profile is a downloadable PDF file, which you can print off to complete.

Keep your answers as a reference for you to look back on once you begin to put into action your new stress strategies and techniques. You could even download the test again in a month’s time to see if your answers have changed.

The five parts relate to other areas in this stress relief workshop and I have linked to those relevant sections here on this page for your information.

Your Stress Tests

Part one covers your stress symptoms

Part two covers the causes of your stress

Part three covers your personality

Part four covers how you react to stress

Part five covers how you currently cope with stress

Remember you should print them off to complete and refer back to them in the future. They will help you to see how you are progressing.

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