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Stress Relief Tips for Children of All Ages 

Stress relief tips for children?

Don’t they have an easy life with nothing to worry about?

Isn’t being a child all about fun and playing all the time?

Well that’s the misconception adults have about being a child. Our memories of childhood become distorted as we compare or youth to our stressful adult lives, making it a time of pure joy and happiness (well sometimes).

However children do have things in their lives which cause anxiety and worry, things such as:

  • Family problems (parents splitting etc)
  • Peer pressure (drink, drugs and sex etc)
  • Examination pressures
  • Pressures from parents to do well at school
  • Bullying
  • Puberty

The Affects of Childhood Stress

Sadly the stress we experience as a child can affect out adulthood too. It often makes us less able to cope and manage stress as an adult, leading to possible health and relationship issues.

Studies have even shown that children who experience high levels of stress and who are unsupported through it can actually encounter problems with learning difficulties.

Identifying Stress In Children And Teaching Them How To Manage It

Children need to be able to understand what stress is and that it can be managed as early as possible. This will prevent stress being a part of their whole lives and causing problems further down the line.

It is also important for parents to recognise stress in their children as early as possible. Find out if your children are stressed.

Toddler and Infant Stress Relief

Help your children manage stress during their early year’s right through their school days.

Understand the different pressures children may experience and how you can help them cope with them.

Teen Stress

Being a teenager comes with many new and sometimes confusing life experiences. Some of which can cause tremendous stress and worry, which in some cases can lead to severe depression and even suicide.

However helping your teenager may not be that easy as they often want to push away their parents at this time of their lives. Discover how you can best help them cope.

Stress Relief Tips For Your Children

A summary of the many different stress relief tips you can use to help your children of all ages cope with life’s pressures.

Give your children the tools to manage stress early on and they will be something they can always use throughout their lives. Tackle stress before it takes control of your life and your children’s future.

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