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Stress relief games:
Relax and unwind

Stress relief games are great for breaking your day up and giving you some time to yourself, away from your daily pressures.

This section of the site is designed as a little bit of fun but these games do actually play a part in our stress busting workshop. As we have read in previous sections it is important to take regular breaks throughout the day from your normal duties. It is also important to have “flow”; this is when you are so totally absorbed in something, that all your other worries are excluded for that period of time.

These stress relief games will certainly totally absorb you and will also help you to vent some of that pent up frustrations and energy.

Stress relief games we recommend

The games are varied from relaxing games to fast and furious games, but they all have one thing in common they are all fun to play and free too.

The first game Stress relief Paintball is a game based in an office where you have to paintball little smiley faces which pop out from all sorts of places. Great fun and one of my favourite stress free games.

Next is Ping pong, this is strangely relaxing and additive. You have to keep a ping pong ball in the air with your bat and the idea is to see how many keep yuppies you can manage.

Blooming gardens is a spot of gardening, but the trick is you have to move and create your matching borders in time.

Cube Buster is a fast and furious game which keeps you on the ball. You simply have to knock out groups of three or more from the wall before the wall reaches the top.

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