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Stress Relief Game 
Ping Pong

We find this stress relief game rather relaxing and although it requires some concentration it is not fast and furious like some of the other games. We also found it rather addictive, so watch out.

The aim of the game is to keep your ping pong ball in the air for as many goes as you can. You have a virtual arm holding a bat and you are looking down as if you were really playing this for real.

This game is great for concentration and focus and it is this sort of focus which can produce what is known as flow. Flow allows you to remove yourself from the surroundings around you. Your focus is completely on the thing you are doing and because of this it is great for taking time out during stressful times.

If you like this game why not recommend it to your friends too... stress relief is for everyone after all.


If you liked this game we have found some other great stress busting games you may want to try.

We have a Paint Ball game where you have to shoot little stress balls to get points. We love this game and play it all the time

Another game called Bloomin gardens. this game involves you picking flowers as fast as you can and grouping them into lines of four or five before the space is filled up. This requires a lot of concentration this one.

A game called cube buster. this involves bursting cubes which are in groups of three or more before they reach the top of the screen. Again this takes a lot of concentration buy can be very addictive.

All of these games will help you to take you out of yourself and give you a break from your current stressful situation. If allowed to do these games during your lunch break at work they can provide some well deserved respite from your hectic day.

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