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Stress Relief For Kids

Stress relief for kids and parents alike. Here are some ideas on how to stop stress taking over family life and building bad habits for the future.

A strong healthy family life will not only make your life as an adult less stressful but will also provide your children with a healthy start in life and the tools to manage stress for themselves.

Stress relief for kids - Parental help

Healthy Eating

  • A healthy body will be better at coping with everyday stresses.
  • Encourage water drinking from an early age. Sugary drinks will over stimulate.
  • Make healthy snacks available at all times, things such as carrot sticks, peanut butter, fruit, hummus, whole grain cereals and wholemeal bread.
  • Don’t stock your cupboards with junk food. If crisps and biscuits are in the house, they will get eaten.


  • Encourage children to do regular exercise rather than play computer games or watch TV. Joining a local team may be helpful.
  • Do some exercise as a family on a weekly basis. Cycling or walking together is a good thing to start early on. It is also good for bonding the family together.

Family Time

  • A family night is a good thing to start. This could be an evening of playing games together.
  • Eat meals together as often as possible.
  • Talk openly about the issues around drugs, smoking, alcohol and sex. The earlier these subjects are approached the easier it is and the more prepared your children will be as they grow up.

Stress Relief For Kids

Many of the stress relief tips and techniques discussed here on the site can also be used for stress management for children. Yoga is particularly popular with children at the moment and as we have seen learning some breathing exercises can be very useful during times of extreme stress, perhaps at exam times.

Here are some tips for children to use for themselves when they are feeling stressed.

  • Stay organized especially when doing an examination. You won’t be as stressed if you know where all your notes are.
  • Find someone to talk to. This could be your parents, a teacher, a friend or even a counsellor. If you need advice about anything you are worrying about then don’t let your stress build up, talk it through.
  • Change your attitude to life. It is all too easy to be negative about things and the more you think this way the more depressed you will feel. Instead change the way you view life, positive people are ill less often and can even live longer.
  • Don’t let the small things get you down. When something bad happens, don’t dwell on it, let it pass and move on.
  • Set yourself some goals think about your future and what you would like to do and actively aim for them. This will keep you focussed on the good things in life and you will find that everyday stresses just sweep over you.
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