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Stress Relief Exercise For Mind and Body 

Find a stress relief exercise regime to fit in with your lifestyle.

Tackle not only the negative affects of stress but also help keep your body in tip top conditions and healthy for longer.

Ok so you think you know why exercise is good for you, but do you really?

If I asked you how does exercise and stress fit together? Could you answer?

Maybe you could but let’s highlight the benefits of stress on stress and your physical well being here to be sure.

Exercise And Stress - The Benefits

We all know that when we are stressed our physical well being is adversely affected, for instance our immune systems are compromised and in the long run our hearts can be damaged through constant fight of flight responses caused by the stress chemicals.

Well stress relief exercise redresses the balance. It helps to use up the excess adrenaline etc flowing in our blood streams; it strengthens our hearts and boosts our immune system.

When we exercise our muscles automatically relax after being stretched and taxed, natural relaxant hormones called endorphins are released which give us a great sense of well being and makes us feel happier and more generally relaxed. Other stress busting benefits include:

  • Acts as a distract from our daily stresses
  • Improves self image
  • Builds Confidence
  • Increases energy

Stress Relief Exercise – The Three Elements

There are three main elements which need to be focused on when developing an exercise regime. All three need to be present to achieve optimal fitness and receive the most benefits. They are:

Stamina – The ability to maintain physical activity over a long period of time.

Strength – Optimal muscle power

Suppleness – To have flexibility throughout your body

The best types of exercise are ones where you do continuous activity for at least 12 minutes in one go. These are called aerobic exercises and provide your body with the most benefits.

Aerobic exercise includes things like:

  • Cycling
  • Jogging
  • Swimming

Remember when first starting to take up an exercise, start slowly, and remember your body needs time to build its fitness and flexibility. Always start every period of exercise with a warm up routine incorporating lots of stretches.

Stress Relief Exercise Chart For Stamina, Strength and Suppleness

  Stamina suppleness strength   Stamina suppleness strength
Badminton ** *** ** Rowing **** ** ****
Climbing Stairs *** * ** Soccer *** *** ***
Cycling Hard **** ** *** Squash *** *** **
Dancing *** **** * Swimming **** **** ****
Golf * ** * Yoga * **** *
Hill walking *** * ** Walking briskly ** * *
Jogging **** ** ** Digging *** ** *
* No effect ** beneficial effect *** very good effect **** Excellent effect
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