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Mar 06, 2014

So Bored Complete 180 these last 3 weeks!

I am so thankful that I found this blog! I was a paralegal in a law firm and was accustomed to being very busy. My work was never done. The drive was over

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Dec 18, 2013

Bored in new job!

Hi there, I've just come across this website and glad to see I'm not the only person feeling like I do. I've just started a new job as a legal clerk

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Nov 07, 2013

Same boat - bored at work

I am glad that I am not alone in this but also sad to hear others have to deal with it. I was in a really stressful job before and decided to take whatever

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Oct 17, 2013

Groundhog day!

I am so fed up with my job, I feel like leaving for the evening and not coming back. When I first started it was exciting learning new things but now I'm

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Aug 16, 2013

There are alot of bored people to keep me company

I work in a cubicle farm in a large organization and have been here for 10 years. When I was hired I worked in a dynamic exciting department but was transferred

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Aug 07, 2013

Work Rant

I thought I was the only one with such a weird problem!! I was given a lateral transfer to a position at a small site with three other staff. I thought

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Jun 27, 2013

Bored to tears

Hello everyone. I am in the same exact situation as all of you. I am a legal secretary for a big American international firm in Belgium. I really do

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Jun 25, 2013

So glad I'm not alone!

Finding this blog has been such a relief. I remember thinking when I was younger; 'man, it would be so great to have a job where I can just sit around,

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Apr 29, 2013

Stressful Life Events – Learn How To Manage Them

Learn how to reduce the affects of stressful life events and find out how they can adversely affect your life if you don't manage them properly.

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Apr 26, 2013

Causes OF Stress - What are the biggest Stressors In Life

Find out what the causes of stress are in today’s modern life. What are the biggest stressors which could affect your health and life?

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Apr 22, 2013

I'm bored too

I dread Mondays when the work week starts again. I am sitting here looking at my computer wishing I was anywhere but here. I have been in my job for

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Apr 08, 2013

I am suffering from depression due to boredom at work!

Hi, I would like to tell you my story! I have the same boring work like you. My bosses do not share info with me, they kept all info from me. I have

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Apr 02, 2013

There has to be more to life than this?

This is what I have been telling myself lately. I am so amazed at how many others feel the same as me here. Each time I mention it to a work buddy or

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Mar 27, 2013

Advice to anyone stressed at work

I use to feel this way this time last year. Working in a well paid job and becoming more and more bored and depressed. It did become quite serious at one

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Mar 07, 2013

Im glad theres others!

I'm glad that there are others in the same situation! I am on my second year of a three year apprenticeship and I am so bored with it! I do nothing at

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I know how easy it can be to get bogged down with information and when you’re stressed the last thing you need is more overload. This blog makes it easier for you to keep up to date with new posts to the site, new techniques and general day to day advice on how to stay focused and keep stress at bay.

It will......

  • Let you know whenever any new pages or new advice about managing stress are added to the stress relief workshop site. New research about stress and how to manage it is always being discovered by the medical bodies around the world. If anything new and interesting comes out which I feel you would benefit from will be posted here.

  • Reminds you of stress relieving techniques and useful day to day coping with stress strategies. Practicing stress relief on a regular basis is key to long term relaxation and the benefits this brings. An occasional reminder from this site could be very timely.

  • Informs you of new stress related products which may be helpful to you. From stress balls to supplements, To stress toys and relaxing chairs. We try to cover it all. Although it is not essential to use products to help you relive stress, for some people it can aim and speed up the process for them.

  • keeps you up-to-date with any new postings made by other visitors to the site, for instance, stress stories and how others cope with stress. Valuable information from a wealth of knowledge and experience.


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