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Stress Proof Your Body

by Kate

If ever there was a better illustration on why practicing stress relief on a daily basis and learning to look after your body was really important. then the recent news that after the 9/11 bombing the level of miscarriages went up considerably.

Now this situation was extreme but the stress felt by pregnant mothers at that time could have been reduced if stress relief had been something they could have called upon to help them through this traumatic period in time.

pregnant mothers have a lot of new worries to content with and so it makes it incredibly important for stress relief to be part of their daily routine during their pregnancies.

Sleeping well, eating good food, exercising taking time out to relax will all help the body cope better with stress and this includes any unexpected events such as the 9/11 attacks. A strong relaxed body will manage stress much better.

taking stress relief seriously especially while pregnant is very important, don't put it off. Make time for yourself and stress proof your body.

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