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Stress Management Tips
The Five Day Course To More Happiness

Most stress management tips are aimed at helping you relax and to allow your body and mind to refresh and unwind.

These are essential because your body and mind work together, so using stress busting courses and stress relief techniques together help provide real benefits to your long term health.

Happiness and Stress

The causes of stress are many but one which is often over looked in general is your over all happiness. Now happiness is or course subjective but as a rule if you are generally not happy most of the time, it is likely to follow that you will find yourself reacting to stressful situations in a less than positive way. This of course leads to further unhappiness and so the cycle begins once again.

But how do you achieve happiness?


Ah now if I had the answer to that question I would be a very person indeed. But there have been studies made over the years as to various ways we can improve our general happiness levels. These have ranged from:

  • Retail therapy – only provides short term happiness

  • Talking therapy – can help for some but again is short lived

  • Winning money – relies on luck and does not provide long term happiness or contentment.

However studies did show that happiness was better achieved with longer effects by:

  • Reminding oneself of all the good things in their life on a regular basis
  • Making realistic life goals
  • Appreciating others

However just thinking about these is not enough to really give you the feel good factor, well it might for a few minutes but we are looking for real stress management tips which will serve you better every day and for longer periods of time.

The Five Day Course To Happiness Diary

Stress management tips no 1 - Studies have shown that by actually writing things down you are more likely to get a longer lasting more meaningful affect. Why? Well it is because when you write something down rather than just speak it you have to be more organized in your thoughts, it slows you down so you have think more about the situation you are writing about. Because of this it can actually help you to find solutions.

Put this theory to the test.

Take The Five Day Course

I will send you 5 emails one a day.. Each email will ask you to complete a short written task; each will only take you a few minutes to complete. After the five days you should notice that your mood is better and your overall levels of happiness have increased. These should stay with you awhile, perhaps even months. When they are starting to fade, do the five day test exercises again.

The stress management tips will include:

  • Day one: being thankful
  • Day two: reflecting on happier times
  • Day three: picture your future
  • Day four: praise for someone you love
  • Day five: Review

Take the course now; it's free so you have nothing to lose except your stress!

Increase your Happiness in 5 Days

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Stress management tips need not be difficult at all as this short and easy course demonstrates. Sometimes it's the easy, small things that make a big difference to your life.

(Information and diary adapted from the book 59seconds by Professor Richard Wiseman)

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