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Stress Less, Think Positive

What! Stress less and think positive thoughts! I know I know it all sounds a bit pie in the sky and airy fairy.

Just like when people say “pull yourself together” when things get on top of you, when someone says “think positive thoughts and things won’t seem so bad”, you just want to scream at them “If it was that easy no one would ever be stressed”.

But I am here to tell you that the way we think about things actually does have an affect on how we feel and react to thinks and ultimately whether or not we become stressed or not. Let me explain further…..

Imagine you are walking down the road and someone you know passes you by but does not say hello or look at you, do you think…

  • How rude and feel angry
  • Perhaps I did something to upset her and they do not like be any more and feel worry 
  • They look preoccupied, I hope they are Ok and feel concern

One situation, three different thoughts leading to three different sets of feelings. So how you think does affect how you feel, all the time. 

The Negativity Trap And Stress

Negativity has a way of sapping your energy, it makes you stand differently with your shoulders down and your head slumped downward.

Negativity can also become a habit, you begin to look at everything in a bad light and have nothing good to say about anything.

It gets to the stage where you can’t find joy in anything around you.

This has a negative affect on your health both physically and mentally, stress starts to build up and the spiral of stress and illness begins to turn.

Breaking The Negativity Habit

t’s all down to your attitude towards life and how you view situations. To start tackling your negativity you need to know what things trigger your negative response, so begin a diary just for this area of your life. Every time you start to think negatively about something, instead of saying it out loud, get it out of your system by writing it down. Over time you will notice that there are patterns in your thinking. Once you know what your triggers are you can start to change your reactions to these triggers.

You will now be more aware of what your triggers are for negative thoughts, so the next time one of these triggers arises and you start to notice yourself reacting negatively, STOP and wait a few minutes, this will give you some perspective on the situation and you can see whether or not it actually does or does not warrant a negative response. Often you will find not.

By challenging your negative thoughts and trying to think positive ones instead i.e. looking on the bright side if you like, your automatic negative reactions will lessen.

You are starting to break the habit and to stress less.

Optimists, Pessimists And Stress

Did you know that scientific tests have proved that optimists live a healthier longer life and stress less than pessimists? Why? Well the answer is simple really, pessimists feel as if they are under more stress than anyone else and even though this is not true, their body is likely to react in a more severe way to the stress they are feeling and this in turn affects health. Plus an optimist is more likely to be the sort of person who exercises more and eats healthier food.

So if you are an optimist you are likely to stress less and be generally happier and if you’re a pessimist you will be more fatalistic and negative about things and generally lead an unhealthy life.

Now For The Good News: You can stress less

If you are a pessimist you can change, I know your little pessimist head is saying “yeah right” but you can.

Pretending to be an optimist can actually make you feel like one and this causes your body to respond to things like stress like optimists would.

First step – When you get up every morning the first things you should do is to say out loud several times one of these affirmations:

“No matter what happens today, this will be a good day”

“Today I will enjoy myself in healthy ways”

“This can be a bad day, or a good day. I choose to have a good day”.

Second Step – Choose a part of your day where you will be an optimist. For instance at a work meeting. Whenever you start to say something pessimistic during these times, stop yourself and say something positive or optimistic instead.

The more you practice being an optimist the easier and more natural it will become and hopefully before long your pessimistic days will be behind you and you will stress less about all those little things in life that used to get you down.


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