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Stress in the Workplace:
Solutions for Work Stress 

stress in the workplace

Stress in the workplace is a common problem for many people, unfortunately not all stress can be avoided and may just have to be accepted as a normal part of our working lives.

However there is stress and then there is excessive stress.

When we experience excessive stress at work it not only interferes with our productivity and ability to do our job well but it can also lead to long term physical and mental health issues.

Managing our work stress is something that is not always something we have ultimate control over.

For example we can’t choose who we work with, where our workplace is, the décor etc but we can do things to help ease some of the daily stresses and reduce their affects.

Top Tips for Managing Stress in the Workplace

Communicate  -  If we are feeling stressed at work it is important that we talk to our managers and co workers about it. Holding how we feel inside will do more harm than good and in many cases others may be able to help with easing the cause of your stress.

Sleep – Make sure that you are refreshed when you go to work. Feeling tired at work can reduce your ability to cope with stress in the workplace and this in itself will lead to further feelings of stress and pressure.

De clutter – Make sure your work area is as clean and tidy as possible. Throw away unwanted paper and anything in your area that you don’t actually need. You’ll be amazed at how much better you will feel working in a tidy and uncluttered space.

Take breaks – it is important to take regular breaks from your work desk or area through out the day.  Have your lunch and tea breaks somewhere else, even if it is just outside or in another office.

Organize and prioritize – make sure you have your work organized and prioritized in such a way as not to have deadlines hanging over your head or worries about getting things finished. A well organized work diary will reduce stress, especially if you learn not to let others force you away from your own work

Take Responsibility For Your Own Stress Relief At Work

I have found that there is no substitute for taking responsibility of how you manage your own stress. Blaming others or hoping that someone else will make things better rarely works.

So start by tackling stress in the workplace by:

Ensure your own physical and emotional health is looked after and nurtured. A healthy body and mind are far better at coping with stress than a weakened one.

  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat small and frequent meals throughout your working day to keep energy levels up. Make sure the food is healthy and not high in sugar as this will cause mood crashes as well as being bad for your over all health.
  • Avoid alcohol at lunch times, this will make you tired and less productive, causing work to build up.  Of course you should not drink while working either.

Don’t get into bad knee jerk habits and negative thinking at work. Often we can create our own work stress by simply reacting to things in a negative way. Find solutions not problems.

Take control of your time, use time management skills to help put you back in the driving seat. A sense of being in control will empower you and make you feel more able to cope with the workload. So:

  • Avoid trying to fit too much into one day
  • Get to work on time
  • Create a to do list and break big projects up into smaller chunks
  • Focus on one thing at a time

Be in control of your own emotional intelligence to cope with stress in the workplace.

  • Be self-aware – recognize how you react to certain situations and how they affect things i.e do they make things worse.
  • Take control of your emotions – Learn to react in a positive way to situations and not to be the cause of stress in the workplace.
  • Be aware of others needs – look at how your actions may be affecting others and make changes where needed.  A lot of your stress perceived to be caused by other may actually stem from your actions.
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