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Stress Causes
Share Your Experience 

Stress causes are many and varied and affect people in different ways.

I have designed this area as a place for you to share your own experiences of stress and how you either overcame them or tried to cope with them.

There are several benefits of sharing our own experiences of stress:

It is therapeutic to you, the writer – often writing things down helps to clarify your own situation.  By thinking about what you are writing you may realize your true stress causes.

It helps other stress suffers – Hearing how other have coped with stress may provide the answer someone was looking for with their own stressors.

What may be stressful to one person may not be to another, how one person coped with their stress may not be how someone else would have coped with the situation. By writing down your experiences here you will be able to share thoughts and advice with others and who knows you may be helping someone through a very tough time at the moment.

Talking therapies have proven themselves to be very beneficial for stress and related illnesses, writing things down is even more powerful because you have to really think about what you are saying. This in itself helps your thought processes work through the issues. Also by commenting on other people’s entries you may be helping yourself find a solution for the stress in your own life as well as helping the other person.

Sharing is very important and should not be underestimated. I know from my own personal experiences that getting things out into the open and talking things through with other people can be one of the best ways of finding a solution to a problem a lot quicker than by yourself.

So don’t feel silly, don’t be shy, tell us what stresses you out and how you cope with it. You may be surprised and discover that the cause of your stress isn’t as difficult to change as you first thought.

I look forward to receiving your submissions.

Stress Causes:

What Stresses You?

Do you have experience of stress in your life and want to share with others how you have coped with it? Great!

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