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Stress And Smoking
A Vicious Circle

Stress and smoking are often linked. Today for instance it is reported that the celebrity Katy Perry who is due to be married soon has taken up smoking to help her with the stress of the wedding.

It is a sad situation we find ourselves in these days when at the first sign of anything stressful in our lives we turn to emotional crutches to get us through.

This only serves to make us weaker not stronger and less likely to be able to cope with any stress.

Nicotine of course has the effect of temporarily making us feel calmer, plus the ritual of smoking in itself helps to distract us from the current stressful situation.

However these effects are extremely temporary, in fact as soon as you finish your cigarette the effects of the nicotine begin to wear off immediately.

After a while smoking in itself can be a cause of stress, we find that we have become addicted to the nicotine and find it difficult to cope with life without cigarettes.

Add to that the anxieties and worries about the risks to our health caused by smoking such as damage to the heart, circulation, lungs and all its associated illnesses and we find that we have actually made life worse for ourselves.

stress and smoking picture by dolfi

Stress and smoking should be seen as the same thing and not as an answer. In fact if you do smoke then giving up will help not only prevent illness caused by the cigarettes but will make you stronger both physically and mentally and better able to cope with all the stresses that life throws at you.

If you are trying to give up smoking then it is best to choose a time where you will be less stressed. There is no point in trying to give up during particularly stressful periods of your live such as after an bereavement as my father did.

It will result in failure and make the current situation even more stressful. Instead choose a time when you will be most relaxed, say when you are on holiday.

When stress does become too much, instead of turning to drugs and stimulants try some stress relief techniques that will actually make you feel better not just instantly but also on a daily basis.

I wish Katy Perry every happiness and a stress free wedding day.

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