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Stress And Meditation

Stress and meditation have always been linked but in a good way. What I mean to say is that medication has been used to relieve the symptoms or stress and provide deep relaxation for many of thousands of years.

As we all know stress is a part of all or our daily lives and indeed we need a little stress in our lives to keep it interesting and stimulating.

But too much stress is bad for us in so many ways, both mentally and physically.

Learning to manage our stress levels is important because of these ill effects and that’s where something like meditation comes in.

There are many different forms of meditation so there is bound to be one that suits you and your lifestyle, so it really is for everyone.

Restoring The Balance of The Mind

To put it simply, meditation is a way of controlling our thinking minds. To slow down our thinking pattern so that we can enjoy the present moment rather than our minds racing around and thinking of all sorts of things. Things that could be causing you to be stressed, such as that meeting this afternoon or the ironing which is waiting for you at home.

meditation picture by Pink Sherbert photography

Our mind is a wonderful place with many different thinking practices going on all the time. But our brain is divided into separate areas where different thinking processes go on. For instance:

The Left side of the brain – this part of the brain deals with thinking, speaking and writing. During wakefulness this side of the brain is alert and is emitting electrical waves known as beta waves.

The Right side of the brain – this area of the brain deals with things like intuition, imagination and feelings. This side of the brain emits alpha waves when we are in a more receptive frame of mind and it is these alpha waves which help to make us feel more relaxed and aware of the present.

Meditation helps to balance these two areas of the brain so that we can experience more of the alpha waves during our wakefulness, making us feel more relaxed. This is why stress and meditation have been interlinked for so long because of this direct relaxing effect it produces.

Health Benefits of Meditation

Being stressed as you know can lead to illness and so practicing meditation on a regular basis will help to lower this stress and so reduce its ill effects.

However meditation has proven to be particularly beneficial in reducing the symptoms of certain ailments such as:

  • Migraines
  • Irritable Bowel syndrome
  • PMT
  • Panic attacks
  • General anxiety
  • Blood pressure

Recently studies have shown that regular meditation can also help to improve someone’s work satisfaction and overall work performance. This could be due to a general sense of well being and a more relaxed approach to life. It is therefore beneficial for managers to provide stress and meditation courses for their staff and places within the workplace to allow staff to relax.

Create A Space To Meditate In Your Home

Making time in your daily life to meditate may seem a little difficult but it is important to make time to reap the many benefits. Remember it is time for you and in these times of busy lifestyles it is important to stop for awhile and pause.

Meditation should be seen as a fun and enjoyable experience and not a chore. To ensure that your relaxation time is special it is a good idea to make a small corner of your home into your place for relaxation.

The space does not have to be elaborate or very large but it does need to be an area which is uncluttered, comfortable and warm. This way your brain will begin to relax even before you start to meditate. It will also help your brain to associate this area with the good feelings that meditation brings.

Stress and Meditation - Find Out More

If you want to know more about the different types of mediation and how it can help reduce stress there is more information to be found in the meditation section on this site.

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