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Stress And Health
Stress And Weight Gain

Stress and health problems have been known about for many years now but one such area which has up to now been overlooked are its effect on those trying to lose weight.

As we all know obesity is on the increase and up to now the main way it has been tackled is with healthy eating plans and exercise regimes. These are all well and good but what about all the emotional baggage that comes with over eating and weight gain.

My partner is a trained eating disorder specialist and he tells me that a large proportion of the clients he sees have many emotional problems associated with their weight gain.

Of course what we eat, how often and how active we are plays a major role in maintaining a healthy weight but if the emotional symptoms are not tackled as well then the battle against weight gain is often lost.

How Stress And Heath Issues Linked With Weight Gain?

comfort eating picture by Kanko

Well we have all experienced the situation I’m sure of after a stressful day at work reaching for a comforting snack or large milky coffee on the way home.

Then once home we seek more comfort from the days pressures by eating the quickest available food, often something pre-packaged and packed with fat. This is a natural response to stress but one which after time will cause us to gain weight.

The problem for those actually trying to lose weight is even worse. Dieting itself can be stressful, add to that all the guilty feelings and low self esteem of being overweight and the temptation to reach for the comfort foods can be overwhelming.

So What Can Be Done To Break This Cycle?

Well as well as the usual healthy eating and exercise information which needs to be understood and taken on board, there also needs to be lessons on recognizing our stress triggers and how we react to them.

One these triggers are recognized it is important to take the time to step back when they happen and realise what is happening so that we can alter our normal stress response of comfort eating and instead take other stress relief actions.

It is therefore important that stress relief techniques are also part of the healthy lifestyle information given to those trying to lose weight. These techniques are another tool in the armory against weight gain and will actively help those looking to lose weight.

Stress and health problems should not be ignored, don't let stress take control of your life. Discover some stress relief techniques and coping strategies to help you stay strong and healthy.

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