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Stress And Fear

by Tracy

picture by sindesign

picture by sindesign

So you're feeling really stressed, you need something to help you relax. Do you, have a hot bath, listen to some music, go out with friends. Or do you arrange to be kidnapped?

Yes you read right, a new company has set up a service where you pay to be kidnapped when you least expect it. Apparently they are receiving calls from highly stressed professionals who are looking for a rush to combat their stressful lives.

Stress can have the effect on some people to take more risks, seek out the ultimate thrill to get the adrenaline pumping. If you think that during times of stress your body gets itself ready to fight or flight, I suppose it would be a natural urge for some to satisfy that need and do something which will use up all that pent up energy. But would you want to be kidnapped and taken blindfolded to an unknown destination when you least expected it?

I suppose the draw is that you know that it will be over and that ultimately you are in no real danger. Still I think of better ways to beat stress, bungee jump anyone?

Source Psychologies Magazine

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