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Stress about recession increases pressure on mental health charities

by Matt

Well, I guess one piece in the news today doesn’t come as much of a surprise. This is the news that since the recession began, there has been a huge increase in phone calls to mental health charity help lines.

The UK mental health charity MIND has stated that its help lines have seen a 28% increase in calls this year alone, and that calls regarding problems resulting from things like personal finance, debt and unemployment have seen a 100% increase since 2008.

And in this current age of austerity, it means that the charity is facing a reduction in its funding just as it is seeing a huge increase in demand for its services. As a result, the charity is concerned that it doesn’t have the resources to answer up to 40% of the calls!

We all need hope in our lives and unfortunately many people are instead living with fear at the moment. The stress resulting from such problems as unemployment and debt can lead onto mental health difficulties including anxiety and depression.

And it doesn’t just apply to people who are out of work. Many of those who for whatever reason are stuck in jobs that they hate cannot see the possibility of changing jobs and improving their situation while the recession is still in full swing.

Human beings have such a great innate capacity to adapt and find their way through the toughest of times, but even the most resourceful of us will need help and assistance sometimes.

So there needs to be a combination of practical support and advice for people whether it’s regarding searching for jobs, retraining, or debt and financial advice. Plus there needs to be services available to help people understand and deal with the worrying and unpleasant symptoms they are experiencing and to improve their coping skills.

Organisations such as MIND can offer just that kind of help, but only if they have the resources. Let’s hope our governments can see that at times like these, we need such expert organisations to be well funded, otherwise there will only be more pieces that need picking up further down the line.

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