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Sound Oasis Sleep Therapy
Drift off To Sleep Naturally 

The sound oasis sleep therapy system allows you to unwind and relax so that you can fall asleep without the aid of drugs.

Do you find that you go to bed with your head buzzing with thoughts preventing you from going to sleep? There’s nothing worse then lying in bed feeling dog tired but simply unable to relax and fall asleep. This can snowball until your sleep problems begin to cause you health problems.

Getting enough sleep and the right kind of sleep is vital in keeping us healthy and stress free. Unfortunately the use of drugs to help us sleep doesn’t actually provide us with the quality of sleep needed as it can interfere with brain activity.

Let the sound oasis lull you to sleep

Instead of using drugs to provide stress relief via induced sleep, why not allow your mind to unwind and relax naturally. In doing so you will be lulled into a natural, restful and refreshing sleep.

The Sound oasis system provides the method for this natural sleep. It provides an environment of soothing sounds, which are of the highest fidelity in quality. Gradually reducing in tempo until it switches off.

Wake up to natural sounds

The system can also be used to awaken you to these peaceful sounds, allowing you to wake up relaxed. There is also a back up buzzer if you are worried about sleeping through.

There are twelve natural sounds to choose from and you can even insert a new card for a different set of sounds.

Don’t be fooled by cheaper models

Personally I have come across a few different systems claiming to wake you with natural sounds, but in most cases I have found the quality of the speakers and the recordings to be so bad, that I would have preferred to listen to an annoying buzzer. This is not the case with the Sound system; the quality is excellent and designed to provide a restful stress relief sleep or a relaxing start to the day.

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