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So glad I'm not alone!

by Anthony

Finding this blog has been such a relief.

I remember thinking when I was younger; 'man, it would be so great to have a job where I can just sit around, wasting time on the Internet.'

Was I ever wrong. I'm an IT tech, and this job is absolute misery. I sit around waiting for people to call and complain about their computers, and suffer their impatience as I try to fix their problem. Most of the time though, I just sit around and stare at this here computer screen. To think, at one point, I actually enjoyed computers. Now I hate the damn things! I'm anxious all of the time, I feel like someone is going to come yell at me for not doing anything. The office is a silence chamber, filled with a bunch of old Engineers stuck doing the same thing for the last ten years.

I have a four year degree, and this is not what I seen myself doing. My supervisor recently told me he wants me to take some management courses, but I'm completely burnt out on the idea of working at any office, doing anything at a computer. Even if its not IT.

I enlisted in the National Guard. They are paying off my student loans (about 25k), and I also got a 10k sign on bonus. The best part, drill actually makes me feel alive! Its so wonderful to be on my feet, moving, and feel like part of a team. Humans aren't meant to sit for 8 to 9 hours a day!

I ship to boot camp in October, and when I get back I'm using the G.I. bill to go back to school to become a Physical Therapist Assistant. In the mean time, I'll probably be able to find work doing generator repair (my MOS in the guard). I'll have a much smaller salary earning potential then with my current degree, but I'll be on my feet and not staring at a computer! Praise the lord, I can't wait. No amount of money is worth subjecting yourself to corporate fed office politics, blood shot computer strained eyes, and insurmountable boredom.

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