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So Bored Complete 180 these last 3 weeks!

by Sad & Bored & Confused
(Chicago, IL, USA)

I am so thankful that I found this blog! I was a paralegal in a law firm and was accustomed to being very busy. My work was never done. The drive was over an hour to and from work after I moved to a new home. Naturally, I wanted to find work closer to my new home and something less stressful.

I recently accepted a HR position with a company that was only a 20 minute drive from my new home with great benefits, matching 401k up to 6%, and a greater pay! "Yay!", I thought. However, this job is nothing that I expected! I feel like I've been demoted. I sit at a quiet front desk all day long. I only greet the delivery guys and walk around the office to deliver packages and mail. I make sure the kitchens and mailing rooms are stocked.

I went from being a trainer to having a brainless job. I thought I was going to be trained in HR. My boss has not been proactive in teaching me HR responsibilities so far...

It's only been 3 weeks and I am actually considering my old job (who did not want to let me go), but I cannot imagine driving over 11 hours again, the benefits are not great, the 401k is not matching, the pay is less, and it is more stressful. However, I was BUSY, time flew, and I was using my brain.

I guess I am going to file now (another brainless task), since I am bored to tears and the delivery men have all shown up. That should eat up a few minutes before I am back sitting at this large desk trying to look busy.

Comment from kate
Hi I am so sorry that the new job hasn't been what you had expected but it has only been 3 weeks. Sometimes companies can take a little time to actually get into training new staff.

My advice would be to speak to your manager about how the job is to unfold or is this work that you are doing now all there is to it. If you discover that this is all it is perhaps ask if there is something else that you could help out with. Be enthusiastic and explain that you could be a great asset to the company.

Your boss may simply not realise that he is wasting you. After all he is paying you. You would think he would want the most for his buck.

Give it another month if you can and then make a decision. It is far too early to say at the moment.

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