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Slow Broadband Speeds Causing Stress

by Kate

picture by Phil Campbell

picture by Phil Campbell

Stress has been with us since the beginning of time, whether it be worrying about where the next meal was coming from to territorial problems. Although these concerns are less likely in our modern world (well for most of us anyway), the modern era has created its own set of new problems and things to stress about.

The Internet has been one of the most innovative inventions in recent years and most of us enjoy using it and gain great benefits from it. However there is one aspect of the Internet which is reported to be causing us more and more stress on a daily basis, our broadband connections speeds.

While most of us aspire to buying the best computer equipment available to give us the best Internet experience it seems that the speed at which we can receive the Internet is out of own control and we have to rely on service providers instead. It seems however we are being let down by these providers and there is a growing frustration in the level of service we all receive.

Frustration at not being able to connect to the web or having to wait several minutes for pages to load is beginning to lead to more and more cases of stress and illness.

In the UK the government are promising Internet for all by 2022 (which seems a long way to me and rather unambitious), this will mean nothing at all if the infrastructure to be able to provide fast, reliable broadband speeds to all is not in place also.

So my question to you is:

Do you think that you have suffered stress due to poor Internet speeds?

Have you noticed yourself becoming tense and frustrated more often than not when trying to use the Internet?

Why not share your stressful experiences of slow broadband speeds and your service provider response to this.

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