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Sleep More Stress Less Kids

Getting enough sleep is vital for good general health and should be something that everyone aspires to on a daily basis. The trouble is that if we are stressed then we may find it hard to sleep and vice versa, if we can’t get enough sleep it can actually add to our feelings of stress. A vicious circle that can sometimes be difficult for anyone to get out of.

Most adults are able to realise that sleep is important to their well being and will often go out of their way to remedy the situation by practicing various stress relief techniques to help them break the no sleep, stress cycle. Unfortunately this is not true for the youngsters of today.

It has always been difficult to persuade our children to go to bed and to sleep but over recent decades this has become even worse. With the advent of computer games, the internet and TV’s in bedrooms, children now have so many more reasons to stay awake.
Unfortunately this leads to tired children who will find it hard to perform at school and who may start to experience stress on a whole new level. It has even been suggested that lack of sleep can also lead to obesity in children.

Things have become so bad that In Glasgow, Scotland, where the council estimate that one in four children are not getting the required nine hours of sleep at night, that a local charity is trialling lessons in how to sleep for children.

The lessons are designed to let teenagers know what happens when they do not get enough sleep and how they could see improvements in many areas in their life if they began to get more sleep. There will also be some follow up lessons for parents to be able to support their children through the process.

Some of the advice being given is:

• Make sure you have a main meal at a regular time in the early evening.
• The hour before bedtime should not include any stimulating activities, so the use of computers and playing online games should be stopped.
• Having a bath before bedtime is beneficial for helping you sleep.
• Avoid any stimulating drinks hours before bedtime. Instead have a milky drink at bedtime.
• Your bedroom should be quiet and dark.
• Keep to a regular bedtime.

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