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Sleep Masks for Better Sleep and Stress Relief 

Sleep masks are not a new concept in the search for a good nights sleep. They have been used for many years to help block out light to induce sleep and to help with stress relief.

However now you will find that things have moved on from the simple piece of cloth shaped like oversized goggles. Now with many years of experimentation and trials, masks have been developed to be more comfortable and more effective.  Anyone with sleeping problems that cause stress should have one.

I want to highlight two of the newer designs which have proven to be very effective in helping to induce restful and refreshing sleep.

Glo to Sleep

At first glance this mask looks like something you would wear when going skiing. But, the design is essential to its function of claiming and relaxing the mind.

Inside the mask are two light sensitive panels which when held up to a reading lamp for a few minutes will glow a soft blue light. Simply pop them on, lie back and raise your eyes gently to focus on the blue lights.  This is to induce a feeling of relaxation and rest, slowing your thoughts down and allowing you to drift off to sleep.

Add lavender aromatherapy

This mask is more traditional looking and also provides the wonderful aromatherapy benefits of lavender.

Each mask is filled with a delicate blend of lavender flowers which when warmed up on your face will emit a gentle scent which is both relaxing and calming. Lavender has long been used for the relief of sleep problems and stress relief.

The mask is also made to completely block out any light and is comfortable to wear.  The adjustable strap allows it to be worn all night without discomfort and to help it stay in place.

Sleep masks and melatonin production

Our bodies all run on a clock which is controlled and maintained by various chemicals produced in our brains. One such chemical is Melatonin and this is the chemical which helps us to go to sleep.

The trigger for this chemical to be produced in sufficient quantities to induce sleep is darkness. Therefore reducing the light at night in your bedroom is essential for a good nights sleep. This is where maskcan be especially useful for times when it is difficult to completely block out light from the room or if you have a partner who likes to read in bed.

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