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Should Have Known Better

by Anon

I am really glad to read that I am not alone in feeling the way I do about my job. I recently relocated to another state for a fiance who is in a competitive (and very busy) career field. I was worried about being unemployed, so I was extremely happy when I was offered the communications job I am currently in. The interview process was extremely competitive and I figured that this would be reflective of the position - something demanding and challenging. Well, it's been six months into this job and it's neither demanding or challenging. There is a group of "dinosaurs" working here who have been here since the company was first founded, and they take little interest in what I do with my time. My boss has ZERO management skills - unless you count an hour-long group meeting every other month as "management." The other half of the company is an ever-changing group of coordinators who rarely last longer than a year. All of them seem kind of lost (as am I) because there simply is no one to assign projects or give us direction for our jobs. I am incredibly bored here every day and the days seem to stretch on interminably which is awful. I feel guilty for complaining as I was so excited to get this job, and I feel bad for bad-mouthing this job to my fiance as he was the one who asked me to move here. But having to get up every day and go to this job has become so depressing that as soon as I get home I go straight to bed and sleep all night.

Comment from Kate

Oh I so know this scenario and i know just how demoralising it can get.
I don’t know what position you have in the company but whatever it is I would recommend that you speak to your line manager. Sounds risky? No I did it and to be honest my boss was so surprised that I didn’t have enough work. He also really liked my enthusiasm to do more and to help the company out.

It’s all in the approach and body language. During the meeting be positive, look enthusiastic to do more, perhaps even make a couple of suggestions if you have them.

No boss will punish you for this approach in fact it may even do your career some good.
Not doing anything will seriously affect your sanity and you will either get sick or you will have to quit your job.

When I did it my boss was great, he appreciated me telling him that I needed something more challenging to do and although he couldn’t think of anything straight away he said he would give it some thought.

Unfortunately for me the company I was working in couldn’t give me enough work to keep me happy and after a few more years I eventually left. The company did not want to let me go and made me all sorts of offers to keep me, but by then I had other plans.

However doing nothing about your situation will simply lead you nowhere. Just think how long you can keep going the way you are. It may even start to affect your relationship with your partner.

Don’t feel bad about how you feel, but also moaning about it won’t help either. Be positive and take the bull by the horns as they say. I hope things get better for you soon.


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