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Same story!

Hi! I feel exactly the same as you! I have also driven everyone mad talking about, and also drinking every night as I'm so exhausted and stressed from being bored. Oddly enough I am looking to change to part time work and also open up an online business, so I hope it is still working out for you! I am glad I found this post and everyone says I have nothing to moan about - that I'm being paid well for a mediocre job and I should be happy to have a job. However, I too feel like it's driving me absolutely mad. Even on my birthday I couldn't switch off from thinking about it. Anyway, best wishes!

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Mar 05, 2015
How are you now?
by: Jaye

I can definitely see how doing a job that you feel is wasting your skills can drive you crazy. It is such a great feeling to do something you know and love. Were you able to make any changes? Were you able to start an online business like you mentioned? I would love to here more about how you are doing now and if any changes you have made have helped with your stress levels.
Thanks for sharing..

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