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Same boat - bored at work

I am glad that I am not alone in this but also sad to hear others have to deal with it.

I was in a really stressful job before and decided to take whatever came next in order to get out of it...instead of taking my time and finding something I enjoy. Unfortunately, I would rather have stayed in the stressful job than this.
I am bored crazy...and unfortunately where I am situated everyone can look at my laptop so that prevents me from searching the web freely and reading a book to consume my mind.
It is demoralizing and stressing. It also has effected my life outside of work...I usually like dressing up and going out. Recently I just don't feel like doing anything.

I have resigned and am waiting until I can leave...but even now just waiting until my release date is driving me nuts.

Good luck and I wish you better luck next time in finding a job that uses your brain.

I have been in your position too and I know just how bad boredom can be,.

Go for it, we only live once, so grab everything you can. taking risks is living. :)


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Jan 28, 2015
boredom destroying me
by: Anonymous

My boredom has led to severe depression - I had 6 weeks off work - explained my problems and guess what nothing has happened to help - if anything its worse and I can't afford to leave

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