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Rude people stress me out

by Pete

I can put up with most things but people being rude or just plain nasty really gets to me.

Unfortunately I am British and it doesn't seem to come naturally to me to say something to the offending person when I experience or witness rudeness. All that happens is that I stew inside about if for hors afterwards, wishing I had said something etc.

I am trying to stop this happening in the future by thinking through the situation in my head and trying to see all sides of the situation. Often it is possible to see why someone may have reacted rudely etc and this helps me let it go rather than let it stress me out.

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people stress
by: peter

Me too I am stressed about these rude people and I need a refreshment. Also these idiots on the road and in my office. I am so much stressed about them. My friend has referred me to a spa centre. May be that will work.

Me, too!
by: Anonymous

Found this post because I'm stressed by co-workers who are yelling around me constantly! I wish I knew the answer to dealing with rude people, but so far all I can manage is to avoid such comments and actions myself...just wanted to tell you that you are not alone!!! :)

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