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Remember your stressed out Dad this Fathers Day.

Stress related conditions such as chronic anxiety and depression are on the rise in the male population for a whole variety of different reasons. And the current economic climate certainly isn't helping much either.

So this Fathers Day, instead of just buying a card or a gift, why not make it an opportunity to spend some quality time with Dad and help him really unwind and relax?

We all know that men often deal with stress differently to women and tend to bottle up their emotions and feelings. This can express itself in anger or irritability; increased use of alcohol; smoking; risk taking behaviour or becoming withdrawn and quite.

Men also tend not to go to their doctors to discuss their concerns either.

And if you ask "What's the matter Dad?" very often you may just get a dismissive "Nothing, I'm fine" in response. And you know that's not true!

So whatever the reason might be, whether it's work and employment problems, money worries, mid-life concerns, or coping with changes such as retirement, why not make this Father's Day an opportunity to help your dad get away for his worries and simply chill out for a bit?

Instead of an expensive present, you could go to a beach (weather permitting!) or a country walk together; spend some time helping him in the garden; visit a museum or go sightseeing; watch his favourite sports with him ... whatever you can think of, but spend some time and let him know that you are there for him.

After all, you don't have to do anything extravagant to make his special day a memorable and meaningful one, and you never know, he might just relax enough and open up to you about what is really worrying him!

You might then be able to talk to him more about the causes of stress and help him understand what he is going through. If nothing else, he would have had a lovely relaxing day with his children and what could be better than that?

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