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Relieving Stress By Exercise

Relieving stress by exercise is nothing new. We all know that a healthy body is stronger and better able to fight off the effects of stress.

But did you know that where you exercise can make a big difference too?

Stress can lead to feelings of depression and low mood; we have all experienced this from time to time.

The trouble is even though we know that exercise is good for us and can actually help to lift our mood; fitting in time to go to the gym or have a 30 minute workout at home every day is not always possible.

Good news, new studies have shown that even just doing 5 minutes of exercise in a green environment can help.

Green exercise as it is known simply means doing some form of physical exertion in a natural environment. This included things like, walking or running in the park, doing a spot of gardening or cycling along a canal or river.

green exercise picture by Don Pugh Perth Western Australia

Studies showed that even short bursts of this green exercise had benefits to mental health and feelings of well being amongst all people of all ages.

Relieving stress by exercise need not be the chore that some of us feel that it is and can actually be easier to fit into our daily lives. By just taking the time to fit a few minutes of exercise in a natural environment on a daily basis can actually help you reduce the effects of stress.

So instead of taking your lunch break at your desk or in a café why not get out to the park for 5 minutes or take an evening stroll around a local green area with the dog. The benefits are greater than you realise in the long term.

Source: American Chemical Society

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