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Relaxation Music For Stress Reduction and Restful Sleep 

Relaxation music is not a new concept and many people over the years have used music or sounds to help relieve stress by reducing the reaction stress is having on the body. So when people ask “can the right music really reduce stress?”  The answer is yes, many people can testify to this.

"Since time immemorial music has had an impact on people.  It shapes their ideas and feelings”

Music has an affect on the right side of the brain; this area is where most emotions are cantered. This means that music can then have a major impact on things such as stress, pain and other emotional problems.

The philosophy behind this relaxation music is to “pop on some music rather than popping a pill”

Relaxation music for stress is very individual

People react to different sounds and music and finding the right combination for each individual person is key in helping them in their stress reduction. Some people have a better response to their favorite instruments, whereas other have a more pleasurable response to natural sounds such as rushing water or the rustle of leaves.

The following for CD’s / MP3’s have been put together to specifically target stress and anxiety and also to aid restful sleep.

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