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Relaxation Exercises 

Relaxation exercises have to be learned and practiced regularly for them to give you real, deep benefits. Let’s see why!

We have learned that our nervous system is an automatic beast which has pre programmed rules for controlling all your bodily functions and keeps you feeling well and working normally.

When this is upset, we feel stressed, depressed, tired, aches and pains start to appear and in the long run more serious illnesses occur.

Once our automatic system is used to working this way i.e. out of balance it becomes a learned habit.

We have to break that habit and teach it some new rules and this is why it is important to practice these exercises every day. This repeated process will become the new habit and your system will return to a more natural relaxed and balanced rhythm.

Tackle The Common Stress Symptoms

The most noticeable and common symptoms of stress are:

  • Muscle tension
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder and neck pain
  • Fatigue

So this is where practicing relaxation techniques come in, providing immediate stress relief. The beauty of these exercises is that once learned, they can be carried out anywhere and at any time you feel the tensions of stress creeping up on you.

Relaxation Exercises – Where To Begin

Relaxation does not come naturally to most of us. We have forgotten what a relaxed body and mind feels like. So first we have to understand why relaxation is good for us.

  • It prevents our nervous systems from becoming overloaded. See autonomic nervous system
  • It slows down your body’s reaction to stress in the first place
  • It allows you to become more aware of your body and how you may be causing muscle tension by the way you hold your body.

When first starting to practice relaxation exercises, make sure you have a quite comfortable place to practice in. This will allow you to focus on the technique and gain the most benefits. Once relaxation has been learnt, you will find it easier and easier to carry out and can use it anywhere, anytime.

Remember; give yourself time to learn the exercises. You may have been stressed for years, so one session of relaxation is not going to provide instant results. But you will be amazed that the more often you practice the more stress relief you will feel.

Enough of the why, lets start doing. The following two pages will give you several relaxation exercises for the body and the mind

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