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Ranting For Stress Relief:
Good Or Bad? 

Ranting, venting, having a good moan, letting off steam its all the same thing but why does it feel so good afterwards and could it be useful for stress relief?

Let’s look at the positives of venting:

  • It doesn’t hurt anyone as it is not directed at any one individual
  • It is often done to a third party who is disconnected from the situation and so is purely a sounding board and listener.
  • It allows pent up emotions and anger to be vented without physical violence
  • It prevents anger from eating away at you inside and causing a build up of stress and other stress related problems.
  • It feels so good and often once it is over, so are the negative feelings that caused it in the first place.

Are there any negatives to ranting?

So far I cannot see any negative aspects to this self cleansing activity. But there are a few and they should be considered if your outbursts become a regular habit.

  • Other people will get tired of your outbursts
  • You could end up becoming a very negative person all the time
  • If done for too long and too demonstratively it could raise your blood pressure
  • It could get out of hand and progress into actual aggression
  • A red face is not an attractive look

Although I think that having a good outburst is still in general a good thing to help relieve stress from time to time I think there should be three rules to keep in mind:

Firstly it should be an occasional indulgence and only when circumstances truly warrant a good fume.

Secondly vary your audience

Lastly after your outburst, let it go and move on.

Of course the best way to have a good fume is to write it all down, that way no one has to hear your rant and secondly it really does feel good to pour all your feelings out onto paper. It helps to clarify how you really feel and is good to look back on in the future to see how you have moved on.

Vent on our site.. you will feel so much better

You can even have your say here on this site, get it out of your system and also let others see that they are not alone with their similar feelings and stresses. 

Happy fuming.

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